API token and headers

All API request need be authenticated. Before call the API you need request an AccessToken

Request an oauth token

To request an access token, you need make a POST request with these parameters :

  • Access token URL: https://b2b.demo.intia.fr/oauth2/token

  • body:

    • grant_type: client_credentials
    • scope: write
  • header:

    • content_type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    • authorization: ‘Basic NTI1Z…Dg4’

Authorization’s header is

authorization = "Basic " + btoa(ClientId + ":" + ClientSecret)

In response to this request you retreive an AccessToken needed on all API request

Set headers of each request

All requests to the API need to have the “Authorization” headers set:

  • Authorization: Bearer {{accessToken}}