Welcome to the INConnect API!

The goal of this API is to manipulate the INConnect application without any screens :)

Here the list of actual actions available with this INConnect API

  • Create a new INFast account
  • List INFast accounts attached to the INConnect account
  • Download invoices
  • Download ledger exports
  • Lock / Unlock periods

New actions will be implemented as soon as possible


To use the INConnect API you need to have an INConnect account. You can only manage accounts linked to your user account via the API.

  1. Get API token : Go to “API INConnect” module from the menu, then generate an API token.
  2. Copy ClientId and ClientSecret : Each request should be authentified, you must ask an access token from the API
  3. Use your favorite client SDK : And play

More details available in the “startup guide”.


Before using the INConnect API in a real environment you can play with the demo server.

Replace the https://b2b.intia.fr URL with https://b2b.demo.intia.fr


You have some questions? No problem, contact us:

  • With the blue chat bubble from INConnect application
  • Or by email to dev@intia.fr